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Our Services

Design + Planting

Greater Chicago Area

Projects begin with an initial consultation to learn more about your goals. This can include the amount of maintenance you want, your budget and timeline, and your style preferences. We'll also assess the unique conditions of the site in order to pick appropriate plants and make the most of your space, both aesthetically and ecologically.


Using what we learn about your site and your goals, we'll develop a plant palette and a basic plant layout, as well as an overview of plant combinations by season to help you envision your new garden, so you can be confident you'll love the results. You'll also receive a care and maintenance guide for your plantings.

Some services we offer:

• Lawn conversions

• Adding flower beds

• Parkway plantings

• Converting or adding natives to existing garden beds

• Native and nearly native landscape designs

• Ecological landscape management

What we don't offer:

Our focus is native plants. We don't offer lawn care, snow removal, or so-called "mow and blow" services. There are also some services that your landscape design project may require, such as hardscaping or tree work, which we would refer to a trusted colleague to install prior to planting your native landscape. Any time we're working with another contractor, we'll make sure that services are coordinated to ensure timely completion and high quality work. 



Upper Midwest

Are you interested in planting a native garden yourself, but you're not sure where to begin? You might be interested in a consultation.

Here are just a few ways we can help:
  • Plant recommendations

  • Ideas for ways to customize our pre-made garden designs (coming soon!)

  • How to incorporate more native plants into an existing garden

  • Where to source native plants

  • Breaking a plan into phases for installation, to fit time or budget constraints

  • Troubleshooting options for a "problem" area in your yard

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